About Us

Affordable Portable Structures

For over 30 years at Affordable Portable Structures, we have manufactured our own line of sheds, barns, and workshops, as well as art studios, garages, play houses and storage buildings in many shapes and sizes - over 100 different buildings in all. As a manufacturer, we've thrived by selling these specialty buildings direct to our customers. We build our structures to higher quality standards than you can find at area big box stores, and we offer a much wider variety of buildings and options, including wall height selections, different types of roof vents, overhead roll-up garage doors, insulation and interior paneling, shelving options, and a wide range of name brand paint colors and roofing materials. Because we sell direct, it's no surprise to us that many of our customers find our higher level of quality more affordable than the buildings offered by our competition. In addition to our specialty buildings, we also carried a full line of Amish made gazebos which are a perfect compliment to the decks, pergolas, and arbors we build as compliments for residential landscaping.

In 2014, we became the Central Texas distributor for another product line - over 100 new EZ Log Structures. Designed with state-of-the-art CADD software and precisely milled with large-scale, industrial CNC equipment, these EZ Log buildings are the most exciting development we've ever seen in the specialty building industry. Every piece of wood is precisely cut to fit perfectly in place. All wood ceilings with solid wood exposed beams add a sense of quality and warmth to select wood interiors. Wood framed windows and doors which hinge on unique hardware add to the level of quality. Siding timbers lock together edge-to-edge with tongue and groove milling, and notched ends interlock to form tightly fitting corners. Every piece of wood is individually labeled and numbered and everything fits together like pieces in a puzzle. Every building is shipped with the perfect key for unlocking these easily solved puzzles, a pictorial assembly manual which maps out the precise location for every piece, including the fully assembled door and window units. As a result, our skilled installation teams will typically assemble an entire building in one day.

If you're planning for a new pool house, workshop, backyard residence, art studio, or a dedicated home office space, you owe it to yourself to consider the exciting new options these EZ Log buildings represent. Call us today at: 1 (800) 926-5657 for more information, or stop by one of our Central Texas locations and experience these amazing EZ Log solutions for yourself.