Emma 4F

Like a very special enclosed gazebo, this octagonal, solid wood building has 3 wood plank walls, complimented by 4 walls with large double windows which swing open and latch closed. Double entrance doors with tall windows are a perfect match, and the abundance of windows provides an airy interior, awash with light. Add some screens and open the windows on opposing sides for a cross breeze, or add climate control and keep the windows closed. Either way, this building offers a comfortable environment for endless activities. The Emma fits perfectly into any corner of your backyard, but its attractive design can allow it to function as a primary backyard feature, placed anywhere you like. You'll love the ingenious design of its all-wood ceiling and its side windows with gently arched tops. This is one of our most popular garden homes, and a natural classic, and the perfect fit for any backyard environment. Place it poolside for a shady retreat from water and sun. Add a table and chairs for meetings or special meals. Equip it with a desk, to enjoy an incredibly short, backdoor to work commute. Graced with so much air and light, this comfortable and inspiring interior provides a perfect space for artists and writers. This is an attractive and practical backyard addition you'll always find useful for work as well as entertainment. See and experience the Emma for yourself at our North location.

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Single Room EZ Log Cabin Assembly
Date: Friday October 10, 2014

A computer animated sequence illustrates the complete, start-to-finish assembly of a single-room EZ Log cabin.