Enzo C1

With solid wood walls, floors, and ceilings, the Enzo is one of our sturdier. EZlog models, with thicker double tongue and groove wall timbers (2-1/4" or optional 2-3/4"), twin doors, and wood-framed, double pane windows with swing and tilt hinges and four-sided latching mechanisms. This classic euro-style cabin comes in three standard models: the Enzo B with 149 sq. ft. of interior space, The Enzo C/1 with 189 sq. ft., and the Enzo D, with nearly 240 sq. ft. The Enzo B has an expansive 59 inch roof overhang above the doors, while the larger Enzo C/1 and Enzo D models have 35 inch front roof overhangs. The largest of these, the Enzo D, has a 16 foot - 5 inch x 16 foot - 5 inch base footprint, 392 sq. ft. of roof, and interior space measuring 15 ft - 4-1/2 inches by 15 ft - 4-1/2 inches. All three of these buildings are built to withstand heavy winds and snow loads, with strong roof timbers, solid, stacked wall construction, and a steel reinforcing rod tightened vertically through each of the building's four corners. A double wall option is available for each Enzo model. The resulting 7-inch thick, insulated walls allow the installation of plumbing and wiring inside the walls.

Beyond its sturdy and practical design, the Enzo presents a very attractive building for anyone needing a backyard office, studio, design space, or overflow room for visiting friends or relatives come to visit. Our north location display model is finished with transparent exterior stain, with opaque stained trim accents. For additional protection against insects and moisture, a penetrating wood treatment was applied in preparation for the stain. Inside, a clear wood finish was applied to interior walls, trim, and ceiling.

With long vertical windows on three sides, this roomy garden home is designed as the perfect fit for any backyard corner location. Its 6 windows and two doors all swing open, creating an interior with plenty of air and light and abundant viewing of flower beds, water features, and other garden elements in its surroundings. The ample windows also allow occupants to keep an eye on their backyard. The large single room provides nearly 144 square feet of interior space, making it the perfect studio for artists and writers. It can also be used as additional housing for family visits or as a comfortable home office for telecommuters. The entire interior can be wood and glass, with wood walls, ceiling beams and boards, all complimented by sealed wood floors. However, if you prefer a stained concrete floor, this garden home can be ordered without flooring components. View the Victoria for yourself at our North location. Walk inside, and you'll be astonished at how good it feels. Surprisingly affordable, this beautiful building offers a host of solutions and wonderful possibilities. Most prefer wood stains over paint, but literally thousands of color combinations are possible. Paint it to match your house, or in contrasting accent colors. With proper planning and preparation, the outside can be insulated and surfaced with stone, brick, or various types of siding. Roofs can be shingles or metal. Because the options are nearly endless, you'll find it easy to make this garden home the perfect compliment for your backyard activities and entertainment.

With its roomy, twelve and a half foot by nine-foot, two-inch interior, the Nervion is an all-wood garden home constructed with strong, interlocking corners to provide 110 square feet of usable space. On its front side, double doors with arch-topped windows are flanked by matching arch-topped windows with unique hinging mechanisms. These allow the windows to be opened wide, for ample light and ventilation. This simple yet ample and airy space provides a perfect environment for art making, writing, yoga, and other creative or meditative outlets. This solidly constructed and attractive space can also provide a practical and comfortable solution when a home business office is needed. A beautiful, all-wood interior with wood walls, ceiling, and floor is standard, but if you decide to prepare a foundation for a stained concrete slab, you can order the Nervion without flooring elements. Roofing options include shingles or metal. With the right foundation, it's possible to add insulation, plus rock, brick, or siding to the exterior. For integral insulation, you can order this building with insulated double walls. Double pane windows are another option for improved insulation, and electrical wiring plus heating and air conditioning represent further options for this and all of our garden homes. Is your son or daughter learning to play an instrument? Enough said! You can see and experience this remarkable structure for yourself by visiting the model home we've installed at our South location

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Single Room EZ Log Cabin Assembly
Date: Friday October 10, 2014

A computer animated sequence illustrates the complete, start-to-finish assembly of a single-room EZ Log cabin.