Important Facts

EZ Log Facts
  • Available options may include sleeping and storage lofts, attached storage shed units with matching interlocked corners, and flower boxes with interlocked corners.
  • For most small structures, insulation requirements are minimal as the areas being heated are small, used seasonally, and heating costs are not an issue.
  • For year-round use or colder regions where insulation code requirements exist, insulated double-wall systems and double pane windows are available for exterior walls.
  • As an additional option, interior walls can be lined with conventional 2x4s, insulated, and paneled with drywall or tongue and groove boards after installation.
  • Snow load ratings for these structures vary between 44 and 55 pounds per square foot. This satisfies most North American requirements for sheds, cabins and cottages. For regions requiring a heavier snow rating, buildings can be ordered with roof structures rated for heavier loads.
  • Building permits may be required and obtaining them is the buyer's responsibility. So, always consult with your local permit office before scheduling an installation.
  • Roofing options include a wide range of shingle colors, metal in a variety of patterns and colors, and some models are designed to support tile roofs.
  • Much lighter than round logs, the milled timbers used to make EZ Log homes are much easier to handle and stack.
  • Every wood board and timber is labeled with a number, and every kit is supplied with pictorial plans showing the exact placement for every numbered piece of wood.
  • Walls timbers are milled with tongue and groove edges for tightly fitting joints.
  • Precisely milled notches at the ends of each wall timber help to guide their placement, producing straight and tightly interlocked corners.
  • Window and Door Unit arrive complete, and fully assembled. Door frames, hinges, locks, and latches are included.
  • Assembled door and window units slide tightly into slots in adjoining walls.
  • Once installed, these buildings will have smooth wood surfaces, ready for interior and exterior transparent stains, paint, varnish, or clear sealer.
  • When attaching these structures to concrete, we recommend a base using fully dried, treated lumber attached to the concrete floor or footing with anchor bolts. The first row or logs can then be attached to this base, where it will be protected from moisture by the treated base.
  • With careful preparation, homes can be installed on slabs which have been plumbed in advance for bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Wood components are spruce and pine from sustainable forests, carefully selected for premium quality, and kiln dried to a precise moisture content.
  • Every home arrives carefully packaged with UV protective materials.
  • At the factory, a scanning system checks every packaged piece to make sure each structure arrives complete with all its components for trouble-free assembly.
  • Every model we sell is available fully installed or as a kit.
  • These northern European woods may contain some sap pockets, and we expect several boards in each home to weep sap. This is normal, and we like to think of this as the beginnings of fine Baltic amber, violin rosin, or perhaps a science fair project. We don't guarantee this will happen in every home we sell, but if it does, we can show you some creative methods for collecting the resin until the sap pockets dry out.

SPECIAL NOTE: These kits contain wood parts with precisely controlled moisture content. These parts are designed to dry slightly after assembly. This will tighten and strengthen the interlocking joints. To maintain the correct moisture, each kit is sealed in special packaging. For that reason, it's important to assemble a full team of workers before breaking the seal on this packaging. After that, it's important to continue the assembly process until the last roofing board is nailed in place. Premature package opening may result in difficult assembly, and some board warpage. These problems are not covered under our warranty.


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