Named after the island of Langeoog in the southern part of the North Sea, this garden house presents a uniquely beautiful solution when you need additional space. Walk inside to see this for yourself at our North location, and you're sure to agree this is one of the most comfortable and inviting interiors you've ever experienced. Its unusual contemporary roofline and upper row of windows allows light to pour in from above, bounce off the angled wood ceiling, and flood the building. Perfect as a creative environment for artists and writers, the Langeoog also makes a great poolside escape from sun and water. Useful on weekends for backyard entertaining with friends or family, or during weekdays as auxiliary office space, the possibilities are endless for this wonderfully creative space. Measuring 12 feet, 6-3/4 inches across in either direction, this interior is ample for a wide variety of purposes. Like most of our garden homes, you have the option of choosing either shingles or metal for the roof. The addition of electrical wiring and outlets as well as central heating and air can further its usefulness and comfort level. With proper preparation, the outside of this building can be insulated and faced with stone or brick, or sheathed with Hardie board, metal, or natural wood siding. Paint it to match your home's existing colors, or select something different to compliment its surroundings. Add a deck, a patio, and additional features for backyard entertaining.

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Single Room EZ Log Cabin Assembly
Date: Friday October 10, 2014

A computer animated sequence illustrates the complete, start-to-finish assembly of a single-room EZ Log cabin.