EZ Log News Post

EZ Log Building Distributor
Date: Thursday July 7, 2014

As the area distributor for EZ Log Buildings, Affordable Portable Structures is proud to present a whole new category of building options to Central Texas home owners. If you've been planning another building to compliment your primary residence, you owe it to yourself to experience these fine buildings for yourself. While both beautiful and practical, these specialty buildings also represent an amazing level of affordability. Walk inside one of our EZ Log model homes and experience the difference for yourself. Solid wood ceilings, exposed beams plus solid wood walls and floors create an environment which is nothing short of amazing. There's no other way to say it - they just feel good. Every piece of wood in these buildings comes from sustainable pine and spruce forests. The precision comes from master plans created with computer CADD programs and large scale, computer-controlled CNC milling machines. Every part is milled from carefully selected wood, and labeled with its own number. Every EZ Log building comes with an assembly guide which maps out the location for every numbered part. The pieces fit together perfectly with tightly interlocking corners and joints. Window and door units are shipped fully assembled, designed to fit perfectly into their designated locations. As a result, many of these buildings can be assembled in a single day by our experienced installation team. Call now if you'd like to know more, or stop by one of our locations and experience these beautifully designed garden homes.