Victoria B

One of five different garden homes in the Victoria series, the 'B' provides an attractive solution with a nine-foot, two-inch interior width and a nine-foot, two- inch interior depth. Its double entrance doors with tall, arch-topped windows are placed diagonally on one corner, with arch-topped flanking windows on either side of these doors. When positioned in the back corner of a backyard, the Victoria's windows on all but two sides can allow a clear view of the house and yard. Unique hinging mechanisms allow these windows to be opened for ample cross ventilation. Lever locks allow the windows to be latched securely from the inside. The Victoria's walls are built from stacked timbers which interlock at their ends, while lateral tongue and groove milling locks wall timbers together along their edges. These precision elements provide unusual strength and rigidity for the walls. Solid wood roofing timbers interlock with the walls and with each other, and ceiling boards as well as flooring share similar tongue and groove milling. This precision design and manufacturing results in a strong and attractive roof and ceiling.

Light-colored wood walls and ceiling with exposed ceiling beams provide a remarkably roomy feeling to the Victoria's interior, perfect for a small art studio, writer's studio, or home office. Positioned poolside, it can provide a welcome retreat from water and sun. Equal in size to many bedrooms, the Victoria can also serve as overflow quarters when visiting friends and relatives stay overnight. Regardless of its intended use, The all-wood Victoria B offers an attractive and useful compliment to any back yard. See and experience it in person by visiting our South location.

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Single Room EZ Log Cabin Assembly
Date: Friday October 10, 2014

A computer animated sequence illustrates the complete, start-to-finish assembly of a single-room EZ Log cabin.