Victoria E

With long vertical windows on three sides, this roomy garden home is designed as the perfect fit for any backyard corner location. Its 6 windows and two doors all swing open, creating an interior with plenty of air and light and abundant viewing of flower beds, water features, and other garden elements in its surroundings. The ample windows also allow occupants to keep an eye on their backyard.

The large single room provides nearly 144 square feet of interior space, making it the perfect studio for artists and writers. It can also be used as additional housing for family visits or as a comfortable home office for telecommuters. Doors, window frames, walls, floors, and ceilings are all milled from select quality spruce, grown in sustainable forests in northern Europe. Open exposed ceiling beams compliment the design, and clear wood finish is recommended to preserve the wood's natural appearance.

View the Victoria for yourself at our North location. Walk inside, and you'll be astonished at how good it feels. Surprisingly affordable, this beautiful building offers a host of solutions and wonderful possibilities. Most prefer transparent wood stains over paint, but literally thousands of exterior color combinations are possible. Roofing can be shingles or metal. Because the options are nearly endless, you'll find it easy to make this garden home the perfect compliment for your backyard activities and entertainment.

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Single Room EZ Log Cabin Assembly
Date: Friday October 10, 2014

A computer animated sequence illustrates the complete, start-to-finish assembly of a single-room EZ Log cabin.